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Want More Leads and Customers to Grow Your Business?
We Help Small & Medium-Sized Businesses Generate 
More Leads and Sales With Our Smart Lead Generation System
102 Leads In 14 Days For Personal Injury Attorney
147 Leads For Mortgage Loan Officer In Less Than 60 Days
We Make Customer Acquisition Simple
We keep lead generation simple. And it all starts with one question... Do you need customers NOW or LATER? We think both.

As we understand your desire for growth we refine your exact need and design a 24 hour marketing plan for your growth campaign to generate leads right away. Then plug you into our customer lead system. Our lead generation platform is versatile and fool-proof!

Have you wasted time and money on marketing (or marketing companies) that promised great results and you got nothing?  Aren't you too busy to waste your valuable time and money on marketing that doesn't work?  

The #1 reason you feel marketing is not working for you it's because the wrong strategies are being used, with the wrong companies and the wrong time.

The most strategic solution is to get you customers now while working on driving long-term growth goals that will strengthen your business.

New Customers Now While Building A Foundation For Ongoing Customers Later
We are aware that  successful and sustainable businesses use short-term and long-term growth strategies to build lasting impact.  This is why our next step is creating a transition from short-term quick leads to long-term customer acquisition and retention. 

Short-term marketing strategies generate quick leads so you can create massive sales and get consistent cash flow to cover expenses and re-invest  in your business. This is "survival mode" and we don't want to keep you there. The next step is to plug you into The New4P™ Ecosystem to transition into "sustainable mode".

Long-term marketing strategies lay the foundation that builds sustainable brand and a solid revenue generating system to lower costs, maximize profits, increase R.O.I. and business growth!

We have the expertise, platform and tools to match you with the best marketing solutions to generate  leads, and build your customer-base, whether short-term on long-term.
Our "Now & Later" Method of  Customer Acquisition Works!
FaceBook Advertising
Customers Now
This is not about getting 'Likes' or creating 'Fans'.  Real Facebook Advertising is the most lucrative and low cost method of advertising  to get actual paying clients and customers right away. We act as a bridge between you and your prospects and track all activities that tie every lead and sale to  your marketing dollars spent, so you see exactly what your marketing dollars are doing. On multiple occasions we've generated leads for clients in the first 24 hours of a campaign.
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Customers Now
Pay Per Click advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies when done correctly.  Our Team of Experts leverage PPC to generate leads quickly through search marketing. We create targeted ads to strategically position your company to connect to people who are actively searching for your products and services, to convert them to customers. Similar to Facebook Advertising, we can accurately track every dollar spent to determine your ROI. Leads can  be generated as fast as 24 hours.
Organic Traffic - SEO
Customers Later
No marketing source delivers a higher conversion rate than organic traffic from search engines. But make no mistake, although SEO takes time it is highly-effective when done correctly. Working behind the scenes to develop your search rank on google, our smart SEO strategies significantly increase website visitors in as little as 90 days.  SEO is best utilized as a traffic generator builder that builds strong visibility and consistent leads later. At which point you might not even need Facebook or PPC.
When we help you plan your business growth, we discuss the best strategies for short-term and long-term goals.
Too many businesses fail because they get customers now but do not know how to retain them or build a strong brand with their current customers in the marketplace later.

In the long term method we build organic traffic for you in conjunction with The New4P™ Business Growth formula to Maximize Your Revenue and Your Paycheck 

We Got High Speed Plumbing So Many Phone Calls He Asked Us To Pause His Campaign...
"I hired Elevate Local in December of last year to get more leads and I started getting phone calls the very first day. In fact, I ended up getting so many phone calls I had to tell them to pause my campaign so I could catch up on the projects. I get so many leads I can now really scale my business and be selective with the projects I take on."
Juan Coronado
Owner Of High Speed Plumbing
Because we have a proven system that actually delivers great  results, our services are in high demand. If you are considering  working with us, just click the button below and fill out the short questionnaire to schedule a time to talk. Spots are first come first served.
We Tripled MP Photography's Business Traffic And Doubled Monthly Customers...
"I started working with Elevate Local in October 2014 and by March 2015 we had tripled our business traffic and doubled our monthly customers. We now have a consistent flow of leads and customers. Industry leaders have even called us and asked what we're doing."
Martha Pimentel
President Of MP Photography
As organic traffic from SEO grows, we reduce the need for paid ads. 
Thus, increasing ROI, cut marketing costs and 
produce a stream of traffic that consistently build your customer-base.
Because we have a proven system that actually delivers great results, our services are in high demand. If you are considering working with us, just click the button below and fill out the short questionnaire to schedule a time to talk. Spots are first come first served.
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